The  Body Shop  Day Spa - Located in... Crest Hill/Joliet, IL         (near rt55 and rt30)
Massage Services
Our most popular choice.    A relaxing massage utilizing light to moderate pressure to improve flexibility, circulation and loosen your tight muscles.
Aromatherapy    Essential oils are used during the massage to aid in detoxification and stress relief.    Music, long gliding and flowing strokes affect your emotional and spiritual mood.
Deep Tissue    Relieves the tension in your muscles and joints from daily stress.    Ideal for those active in sports or those with physical demanding jobs.    Helps with chronic back pain.
Prenatal    Full body massage for the expectant mother. Aids in relieving the discomfort of pregnancy. Utilizes light to medium pressure in long relaxing strokes.
Hot Stone   The most relaxing massage; incorporates the use of hot basalt stones to enhance the release of muscle tension.    The cleaning of toxins through acupressure produces positive effects on both the physical and energy balancing of your body.
Ayervedic Head Massage    Alleviates eye strain, anxiety and stress.    Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage to scalp, face and neck.    Relieves tension in shoulders.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Tip is not included in pricing.We accept all forms of payment.  
 $25 fee charged for all returned checks.